What’s new on the website?

We’ve added a link to Dave Cushman’s site, which is a great resource for all things be related, and well worth a browse .  Why not have a look?

What to do this month

If the strange seasonal weather is confusing you and your bees, check out some top tips on what to do this month, both in the apiary, and indoors …

Latest news

Did you know that bees are being used as fencing in parts of Africa? Or that pharma giant Bayer are changing their minds about the effects of imidacloprid, a major component of neonicotinoids, on bees?  Get up to speed by visiting our news page.

Did you know you that ABKA has equipment which you can borrow, and that you can check availability on this site?

Have a look at our equipment page, and think about booking ahead to beat the rush.